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(200GBP Each)



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Early single Tannoy 12 inch Speaker 15OHMs



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Whafedale Glendale bass unit



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 JBL 15 inch Speakers  With Horns

1200GBP  X3 or 400GBP for one



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Goodman's Axiom 201  8 ohms   full range Speakers a very fine Pair


Also in 8 OHMS



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 Eagle 8A-7 Full range speaker In super condition

(price50.00GBP A PAIR)

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Vitavox CN458 Crossover networks


single broken case(400GBP)


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Tannoy Cheviots

12" HPD 315A drivers.

The system has a quoted frequency response of 40-20000 Hz and has 60 wpc power handling.The surrounds have been replaced 12 months ago In super condition and sound fantastic Serial No 512483//515725



Speakers. page 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9