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Philips microphone  

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Granpian MCR 1930's moving coils microphones Matched pair  in super condition and working order


image image  image  image

Philips EL1979. Stereo microphone boxed


Sony  ECM-99 Rare Boxed with stand fantastic condition example of Sony's classic ECM-99 one point stereo electret condenser microphone.

Actually two condenser microphones in one, the ECM-99 - finished in textured, brushed aluminium - enables you to add true stereo sound to your recording with just one microphone unit.


electro voice

image  image

Electro Voice Model 665. in good working order


Image  Image  Image  Image  Image  Image  Image

General electric. Suspended microphone Stand not included


image   image


Shure 5155A unidyne b. Microphone in super working order

(Price 60.00GBP)

Tannoy microphone
image     image


Reslo Ribbon. Microphone 30-50-ohms with base in In great condition

(Sold but do have others)

image   image

  Ribbon Reslo  RBT/L. microphone in super condition with built in matching transformer

(Sold But do have others)

image   image


Tannoy Ribbon Microphone. in super working order


Sennheiser Microphone
image   image


Reslo microphone. matching transformer Type L-1K boxed


image    image   image

Sennheiser.sk1002 1958 Radio microphone


image    image 


 BBC microphone in good working order


image    image     image

 Tannoy Barrel ribbon microphones



 Akai ADM-29.boxed with stand in good condition

(Price 30.00GBP)



Beyer M260N. Made in west Germany with lead good condition




Grampian Microphone  

(Price 40.00GBP)

image   image


Reslo sound . Type VMC. in good condition

(Price 140.00GBP)

image    image   image


A GB Equipment RVH looks like a Reslo to me

(Price 130.00GBP)

Image  Image  Image  Image


Vitavox. Admiralty Mic made in 1953 stand not included

(Price 50.00GBP)

Image  Image  Image  Image  Image  Image


Old Microphone Stamped LS in working order Stand not included 

(Price 50.00GBP)

Image  Image  Image  Image


Shure ,USA Tie Neck Microphone in good working order


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